Weekly updates of the InvArch project 05.02.2022

Hello everyone, friends! In this article, I will try to describe the updates for this week as briefly and clearly as possible.

This week the team delayed the news a little, so I think you are looking forward to the information.


The community has resumed growth very effectively. Now we will talk about this topic.

  • The Discord server community is 17130 people.
  • More than 700+ members are members of the Ambassadors program.
    (The Ambassador program plans to expand).
  • Over 5380+ members on the official Twitter account.

With nearly 17,000 members in the InvArch community, the InvArch Ambassador program has over 700 members and over 5,000 Twitter followers. The team decided to launch a campaign where project participants can get a chance to win Oculus Quest 2.
Oculus Quest 2 is an innovative VR system that allows you to open the universe of virtual reality. The winners will also be offered the opportunity to interact with the founders and the InvArch team in virtual reality.
Oculus Quest 2 Giveaway —

As additional news, it is reported. That this week there will be updates on points for ambassadors.

InvArch is actively supported by web3 funds and representatives: 1PAR Research, ARKN Ventures, Kretos Ventures, Bitrise Capital, TsingTing Capital, GemHive DAO, DeltaHub Capital, ZB Capital, BigCoin Capital, Glock Ventures, TsingTech Ventures and Gate Labs.

#InvArch #Web3 #Polkadot #Blockchain #Innovation

The team is pleased to present the Chinese version of the InvArch datasheet. Which is already available on the official InvArch website. The Russified version is almost ready and will be available for study in a few days. Also, the German version of the documentation will appear on the site soon!


The team has been working on finalizing some updates to Pallet_IPS and plans to finish work on Pallet_IPR in the coming days. All this in preparation for the InvArch — Tinker test network. The main goal is to eventually provide the community and developers with a consistent, non-stimulating testnet. When using which you can test your decentralized applications Dapps. Once all key technologies related to the INV4 protocol are ready to go, we will publish more information about Tinker.

The white paper plans to update the presented protocol concept. Using Blockchain technology. This will allow project participants to tokenize and store their intellectual property in the form of IPF files, combine IPFs into collections called IP sets, and use programmable IP tokens. The system will allow the use of these new tokens for social, business, financial and management transactions.

Dev. Team

Another important news is that the InvArch project is pleased to welcome a new engineer named Matheus Brana Iannuzzi Baliones, who quickly joined the team. Matheus has already started work. Its main focus is IP authentication and tokenization, integration with Git.
The engineer helps build the future composable network of IP assets. Matheus is a big open source software enthusiast, Rust developer and system administrator. He is passionate about decentralization and security and loves working on WEB 3.0 projects that can change the world for the better.

Introductory links for a more detailed study of the project, or your goals:

InvArch website — https://invarch.io/
InvArch Brand Assets —
Official Twitter —
Official Medium —
Official LinkedIn —
Official GitHub —



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