Weekly updates 02.03.22

Hello everyone, my name is Darling and I am the InvArch project ambassador. In the “weekly news” section, I try to tell about all the new introductions and events related to the project. Today we’re going to take a look at the updates that have happened this week.

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Starting this week, news from the Invarch team, in addition to articles, will be published in the format of live communication using augmented reality.

With the ambassador program and the discord community looking to change soon, the team has decided to make more meaningful content focused on how InvArch can be used as a final product.

The update will also include the creation of educational content to inform the work of Invarch from the technological side, which is very useful, since the idea of ​​the project is innovative and the team is a pioneer in this field. About the final changes, the team will notify us within a few days.

GitArch App.

The team has been working on several things at the same time during the last week. One of the important ones can be considered an application in which it will be possible to create IPs, view IPs, track IPs, place IPs and access the marketplace where various IPs (IPF, IPS, IPT) will be placed, as well as staking, the interface is presented below.

According to the team, this is an incredible development that goes beyond the functionality of the protocol previously presented. From the name GitArch, you can understand that the concept will be similar to the well-known Github site — This is the largest web service for hosting IT projects and their joint development.

Imagine GitHub, but decentralized — all your code and files you upload to the repository are easily authenticated. All license agreements and version control system are seamlessly regulated using InvArch protocol technologies. This is something the project team has been working on and very excited to share with the InvArch community and the rest of the world.

It was reported that the team was in talks with the Parity team to conduct a Tinker testnet and the possibility of using Kusama for Tinker was considered.
This will allow InvArch to test the technology on real people, which cannot be done on other networks. The Tinker testnet was supposed to be released this week, but in connection with the above, discussions and considerations are still ongoing in the InvArch team.

The team also announces that it is completing the INV4 protocol — Invention, Involvement, Inventory and Investment Platform. The INV4 protocol is a truly backward-compatible, data-independent cross-chain standard for tokenizing any type of digital file into the form of a verified, non-fungible asset called an IPF (IP File). IP files can be interchangeably combined into folder-like storage structures called Intellectual Property Sets (IP Sets). IP Files and Sets can be shared and dispersed throughout the Polkadot ecosystem/ IP Files and Sets can also include and function as smart contracts, and may also include intellectual property assets owned by themselves.

The website is being updated.

  • Vacancy Page — There will be several new career opportunities for talented people who want to join the InvArch team.
  • The community calendar is the usual calendar view that will show everything: technology developments, rollouts, AMAs, etc. And of course in a beautiful, presentable way for everyone to see and check at any time.
  • Ambassador Hub — they promise to release by the end of this month. Ambassadors will be able to connect their Polkadot.js wallet, connect their account to their Ambassador profile, check their points, $VARCH token allocation and more!

Useful links of the InvArch project:

InvArch website — https://invarch.io/
InvArch Brand Assets — https://invarch.io/brand-assets/
Official Twitter — https://twitter.com/InvArchNetwork
Official Medium — https://invarch.medium.com/
Official LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/company/invarch/
Official GitHub — https://github.com/InvArch



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