TestNet zCloak and receive NFT poap.

zCloak Network is a new project of the Web3 Foundation. The project phase was completed and handed over in December 2020. The project is currently on the testnet waiting list. With zCloak Network, people can use their real data for identities, defi, biometric applications and more.

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Project investors.

This is the information I managed to find, the well-known CoinBase Ventures, Kucoin, Mask network and others invested in the project. In total, the project raised almost $6 million.

TestNet and receive NFT poap.

  1. First of all, we go to the site, connect the wallet and change the network to Moonbase Alpha.
    Link to the site —

2. Next, for work, we will need a couple of test tokens to conduct transactions on the network. After connecting the wallet to the site, you should automatically receive a couple of tokens.

3. Next, we have to download the zCloak ID Wallet extension.

4. Next, create an account, for this we enter a password and remember it, because. it will be useful to us for authorizations in the future.

5. After that, you can read the information.

6. Enter the data of your future decentralized passport (ID Card) and move on.

7. Done, you have created your ID card passport. Now you have to download it and click Next.

8. Next, we authorize by importing our downloaded file into a special authorization menu.

9. We generate our Proof Cid, rootHash, outputs and click Submit.

10. We confirm the transaction and wait for its completion, it may take a couple of minutes. Then we move on to getting NFT poap from this project!

Helpful links.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zCloakNetwork

Website: https://zkid.app/

Discord: https://discord.gg/FFxG3bE7RV



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