Penguin Finance — How to use the section “Bond”. [EN]

3 min readFeb 9, 2022


Good afternoon, in this article I will try to tell you how to use the “Bond” section and make money on our platform by providing liquidity. I will immediately leave links to our resources so that there are no questions.





The essence of earning on our platform is that we reward users who provide liquidity in the form of discounts on the purchase of BUD tokens, as well as the opportunity to earn tokens by sending them to “Stake”. Today we will talk about how to purchase BUD tokens with a discount of up to 30%, as well as send them to “Stake” for passive income.


First we need to go to our website and log in. To do this, it is enough to create a Solana wallet, we recommend Phantom Wallet for its huge functionality and simple interface that any user will understand.

Go to the site —

Then we change our asset, in our case it is SOL -> PAI.

Next, we change PAI tokens to BUD in a ratio of 50/50. That is, we divide by two our number of PAI tokens.

Next, go to the “Pools” section to provide liquidity for the BUD/PAI pair.

Next, we select the maximum number of tokens that we want to send, in our case we will send all the tokens. Both tokens must be equal, that is, by clicking on the “Max” button, the tokens must be in a similar ratio.

Next, go to the “Bond” section and click on the button to buy BUD tokens at a discount. The discount is the number under the inscription “ROI”, in our case it is 27.86%, that is, having bought tokens for $1000, we will get $1278.6

Next, select “Max”, thereby using our funds to purchase the BUD token.

After all these actions, we get 27.86% more, buying $ 1000 — we get $ 1278.6

You can withdraw tokens only after 7 days. And also the tokens themselves are staking at 2134% APY automatic.

To withdraw tokens, simply click “Unstake” and consume the entire amount, then wait 7 days and get our tokens back, after which we sell them.

The article was written specifically for the Penguin Finance project by moderator Darling. If you need help, you can contact me!