Penguin Art — Art that has applications.

Penguin Art NFT is a series of recreations of great penguin-themed works of art. Penguin Finance provided the funds to create these NFTs, which will be awarded to active members of the community. Mint NFTs are completely free, so they can be more valuable than you think.

What are NFTs for?

In fact, NFT arts themselves are very beautiful and look interesting if you put them on your avatar. First of all, NFT is an art. You need to understand this, and in addition, the project promises rewards for storing NFTs, now we will deal with you in more detail, what rewards await us.

For storing NFTs on your wallet, you get:

  • Participation in giveaways when a project finds a specific partner.
  • Special roles on the server that help with increasing the chance of winning in various giveaways.
  • Unique avatar.
  • Participation in show jumping especially for NFT holders. The last such competition was for a total of $7000+
  • It is also possible that NFT staking will be added soon.

Penguin Finance is a Liquidity as a Service platform that offers a one-stop solution for managing treasuries such as swaps, bonds, and staking. The protocol can use the bonding service to acquire liquidity instead of renting it. The liquidity owned by a protocol can help the protocol survive in the long run by staying with it during a downturn. Instead of facilitating short-term participation, the token transfer will allow protocols to align their incentives and communities with their long-term goals.



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