Overview of the Crodo Ambassador Program.

2 min readMar 7, 2022

Hello everyone, Darling, and today I will tell you more about the Crodo project, namely the ambassador program, which has a special panel from the very beginning of the opening of the set of ambassadors. In which ambassadors can keep track of their activity, rewards and tasks they can do.

Ссылка на платформу → https://crodo.io/

Project benefits.

Receiving rewards with CROD tokens.

  • You can stake CROD tokens to earn rewards and level up or sell on the exchange after listing.

Increasing the popularity of your blog.

  • You tell your audience about the benefits of new projects, the Ambassador program and everything related to IDO Crodo.

Increase in expert opinion.

  • You study the projects that appear on our site in order to create content for your audience and by doing so, you study the crypto industry.

Становитесь представителем Crodo.

  • You have a priority status in Discord to communicate with the developers of the platform and influence the development of the project.

Ambassador’s office.

In the Ambassador’s office, you can see the tasks that each Ambassador of the project can perform and receive points for this. Points, in turn, will be exchanged for CROD tokens at the end of the Ambassador Program.