News this month from Penguin Finance!

Hello everyone, my name is Darling and in this article I will try to tell you all the interesting events that have taken place this month! Buckle up, we’re going to Neptune!

A Cumulative Merkle Distributor for Airdrop.

This scheme, which allows users to claim rewards in a batch after multiple airdrops, eradicates the cumbersome operations and high fees with one move. I also made an article, in Russian, for the Russian community. You can read more about this update.

English Version | Russian Version

Creative Penguin Competition.

We asked the penguins what kind of competition they would like and the art version won. But we thought that the rest of the options were also interesting for the penguins and decided to arrange a competition for creativity. Each penguin can do his own interesting work using fantasy, and on March 9, the contest itself was launched!

Penguin Finance x Solana Prime partnership.

Penguin Finance start collaborating with Solana prime, this is a very big collaboration from which I expect very big updates.

SolanaPrime is the Solana-powered, fully decentralized IDO launchpad platform aimed at fulfilling a wide range of web3 use cases on a global scale.

SolanaPrime is designed as the ultimate launchpad with built-in solutions to tackle the scalability and efficiency problems of current launchpad designs. The SolanaPrime team has implemented a unique insurance fund to protect investors and ensure maximal capital efficiency.

They have introduced tradable NFT tier allocations that will supercharge token velocity, and make staked PRIME capital work. Fuelled by academic expertise and innovation, SolanaPrime aims to become the most efficient, venture-funding Web3 platform out there.

Liquidity is essential to the success of a protocol, especially in DeFi. As a result of the partnership, Penguin Finance will provide SolanaPrime with a one-stop treasury management solution that includes swap, bonding, and staking for projects launched on SolanaPrime.

Russian Version | English version

About Solana Prime:

SolanaPrime is a Solana-powered, fully decentralized IDO launchpad platform. It serves as the primary market gateway for the next generation of DeFi, GameFi and Metaverse dApps to launch on the Solana ecosystem, either as a direct token participation in the IDO or an indirect exposure to SolanaPrime in its entirety.

About Penguin Finance:

Penguin is a Liquidity-as-a-Service Platform that offers a one-stop solution for treasury management such as swap, bonding, and staking. A protocol can utilize the bonding service to acquire liquidity instead of renting it. Protocol-owned liquidity can help a protocol survive in the long run by staying with it during a downturn. Instead of fostering short-term involvement, token vesting will allow protocols to match their incentives and communities with their long-term goals.

On this I want to end the article, it turned out to be quite short since only 11 days have passed this month, stay tuned and subscribe to our social networks!



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