InvArch weekly update for 02/18/22

Hello everyone, my name is Darling and I am the InvArch project ambassador. Another week has passed and the InvArch team is ready to share some fresh news with us. During this week, major events took place that moved the project several steps forward. In this article, you will find out what’s new in the project!

Community update.

The Invarch team is pleased to introduce a new member of the team — Mikhail Nikitenko. Previously, he was a Global Ambassador, known in the community under the pseudonym Elektrovenik#6238. He joined the team as Strategic Growth Coordinator, responsible for building a full-fledged Web3 developer and enthusiast community around Invarch. The community can expect the website to be updated soon to reflect new additions to the team.

Also this week, the Invarch Oculus Quest 2 giveaway has come to an end! The team will contact the winners and announce them this weekend.

Follow your private messages on Twitter. I want to remind you that all members of the InvArch Discord community living in North America could take part in the draw, and a separate place was allocated for members of the InvArch Ambassador team.
The main prize was Oculus Quest 2, an innovative virtual reality system. It provides new opportunities for communication in virtual reality, ranging from multiplayer games to unique events and meetings with friends.
By the way, the winners will also be able to communicate with the team in virtual reality using this system.

Also, for people who haven’t received their InvArch NFT banners and reported the issue to the team, then you have one more (last) week, these NFTs should arrive in your wallet this weekend.

There is good news for Ambassadors as well, the points table is in the process of being updated and will soon be moved to the Notion page for members of the community to view. All this is scheduled to be completed this weekend along with an update on the TGE of the $VARCH token.

Technology update.

One of the most significant events happened this week, the InvArchi-tech team has successfully completed the development of IP Sets and IP Files! This means that users will be free to add and remove any variation of IP Files and even collections of IP Sets! This technology is one of the foundations for the InvArch project. It is thanks to her that he will be able to ensure the freedom of development and innovation that the InvArch team strives to present to the world.

As for the launch of Tinker testnet, for its operation it is necessary to finalize the last, but important, function — IP Replicas. Soon after that, the community can expect more testnet announcements!
It was also reported that updates will also affect the InvArch website. The community can expect significant website enhancements soon, including the addition of a careers page on the website that will describe opportunities to join the InvArch team!


In conclusion, on my own behalf, I want to say that the community and the project itself is developing rapidly. The team is doing a very good job, and that’s it for me!

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