InvArch weekly news for 11/02/22

Hello everyone, my name is Darling and I am the InvArch project ambassador. In the “weekly news” section, I try to tell you about all the new introductions and events related to the project.

Today we’re going to take a look at the updates that have happened this week. The past week was mostly not very busy — the founders of the project were busy with their personal matters. But this does not mean that the development of the project was paused. We will now look at some of the updates that have taken place this week.

By the way, you can read the original article from the developers themselves — MediumInvArch

Technology news.

Issues regarding duplication of IP sets, seamless and interchangeable placement of intellectual property files in different IP sets are still being resolved. The project team is focused on mirroring the functionality of files present with Git and applications like GitHub — this has been a big inspiration for the IP resource architecture.

InvArch aims to mirror the functionality of intellectual property files. The project team has completed the development of IP pallets. To allow users to freely create, delete, interchangeably move, link, copy IP files and IP sets. The next step will be the launch of the Tinker testnet, with which users can try out new technologies on their own.

The team will then focus on ancillary assets, cross-chain authentication, releasing a pretty powerful alpha where things really start to get interesting!
Once the team successfully launches the testnet, all focus will be on Sub-Assets and Cross-Chain Authentication, on top of that, their alpha version will be released.

On top of all this, the team added translations for technical documents. Now you can get acquainted with all the information not only in Chinese, but also in Russian, Chinese and English.

Get to know those documents you can on the site —

Important Information: The team is looking for a new web site employee, a member willing to join an exciting project filled with revolutionary concepts and features. If you know someone, you can follow the news — the application link will appear this week on Twitter, Discord and LinkedIn.

Community news.

The draw for the innovative VR system Oculus Quest 2, as well as the conversation with the project team is slowly coming to an end, we recommend that you do not miss this opportunity!

InvArch is delighted to announce that we have another new addition — another team member has joined us directly from the InvArch Ambassador Program. He was hired as InvArch Growth Strategist to help establish coordinated methods for community development, attracting developers and like-minded people who share a genuine interest in InvArch and the latest technologies. The official announcement will be published next week.

The InvArch Discord community of 17K members posted an announcement — To get their InvArch NFT banner designed by ChaosDAO artist ApesAndArt, all subscribed members need to set up the Polkadot.js extension and then connect it to If you’re not already a member of our community, find us on the #InvArch Discord — we want you to work on the things you love.

Useful links of the InvArch project:

InvArch website —
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