Everything about NFT Penguin Finance.

Hello everyone, Darling is with you and today I will try to tell everything I know about NFT from the Penguin Finance project. And also why they are really valuable.

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Let’s start with a total of 1125 NFT arts to be released. At the moment, there are only 32 NFT arts for sale, and a total of 47 NFTs have been released.

What started it all.

On January 1, Penguin Finance is launching 11 limited NFT draws. 10 of which were shown in the picture, but 1 was secret. The drawing lasted 7 days, after which the winners were announced. The community contest itself was a warm-up before the launch of Liquidity As A Service.

The photo above shows the NFTs that were given out to the winners. The results themselves were based on the principle of choosing their awards, that is, if the winner got 1st place, then he was the first to choose which penguin he would receive. 2 The winner chose his reward after the first one and so on. I personally liked “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” a lot, how about you?

You can also read the story of these limited NFTs which was published on January 1st when the contest was launched!

We penguins have spent a lot of time in Antarctica and are used to enjoying the cold.

However, due to the recent rise in temperature, our group of penguins, eager to provide liquidity as a service, decided to move and fly to Neptune, the coldest planet in our solar system… No? Of course we can fly; some people already know this; come on, google it, okay?

Where were we? Oh right. We decided to fly to Neptune. But we love earthly art and want to kill time on the road with earthly 🌏 memories; because NEPTUNE ♆ is much further than the MOON 🌕, isn’t it?
So we decided to recycle some of our favorite portraits and give them to the penguins who have joined us as avatars.
This way we can view all the amazing art in our community on our journey to NEPTUNE everyday…

What are NFTs for?

In fact, NFT arts themselves are very beautiful and look interesting if you put them on your avatar. First of all, NFT is an art. You need to understand this, and in addition, the project promises rewards for storing NFTs, now we will deal with you in more detail, what rewards await us.

According to the official information that the creators of the project offer. For the purchase and storage of NFTs, we receive;

  • Participation in giveaways when a project finds a specific partner.
  • The “Pngist” role on the Discord server, which allows access to a channel with team members and role holders.
  • Unique avatar.

It seems to me that there will be many more applications, now I will give my ideas of what can be expected for NFT storage.

(Not official information, just my opinion of what to expect)

  • Staking NFTs and get rewards for it.
  • Participation in contests for NFT owners.

Learn more about Penguin Finance.

Penguin Art NFT — is a series of recreations of great penguin-themed works of art. Penguin Finance provided the funds to create these NFTs, which were given to members of the community.

Penguin Finance — is a Liquidity as a Service platform that offers a one-stop solution for managing treasuries such as swaps, bonds, and staking. The protocol can use the bonding service to acquire liquidity instead of renting it. The liquidity owned by a protocol can help the protocol survive in the long run by staying with it during a downturn. Instead of facilitating short-term participation, the token transfer will allow protocols to align their incentives and communities with their long-term goals.



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