DeGate — best dex with fast speeds, low fees and maximum self-custody.

Hello everyone, our channel is called Everscales and today we will tell you about a very high quality product that we have seen relatively recently. Get your tea ready, here we go.

The platform itself is a DEX, but it also has a Bridge through which you can transfer your tokens to various other networks.

DeGate — Bridge.

First, I would like to tell you about the bridge that supports the ETH network and Arbitrum. Also, the bridge already works in the main network, unlike DEX which is in the test network.

🔗DeGateBridge —

It is also worth saying that the bridge supports ETH and USDC, other tokens will be added later.

I like the way the site is designed, it looks very nice and convenient, because it shows all the necessary tools that can help us in any situation.

It should also be understood that the bridge works in Beta mode, so if you may have problems then you should contact support. This can be a Discord chat, where moderators work regularly.

Guiding Principles.

Let’s see what the project says about itself.

  • Fully Decentralized — DeGate aims to be an open network composed of thousands of nodes, where anyone can use the protocol by downloading a standalone open source client.
  • Trustless — DeGate is designed to give the end user the highest authority, and all malicious actors “can’t do evil”. With DeGate’s non-custodial storing of assets, the entire system will have no backdoor and adminkey.
  • Permissionless — In DeGate protocol, any token can be listed by anyone in the community. DeGate aims to be available to anyone who owns a blockchain wallet.
  • Spot Trading — Provides users with a decentralized limit order trading experience with low fees and fast speeds, powered by Zero-Knowledge technology.
  • Grid Trading — A decentralized grid trading bot assists users in executing grid trading strategies. Automate trades and boost earnings with the security of decentralization.
  • Permissionless Listing — Unique open protocol supports anyone listing any assets, a limit order decentralized exchange with fully open trading pairs.

DeGate DEX (testnet)

Now let’s talk about the main role of the platform — DEX. The first thing I recommend you to do is to register, to do this follow the prompts shown in the photo.

🔗DeGate Testnet —

After registration, we sign a transaction to confirm that you are the owner of this wallet and ready to continue working with the platform.

Since the platform is in the test network we need USDC and ETH test tokens, for this you can use the section “Faucet”, where you can see where and how to get test tokens.

After that, we go to the “Assets” section and replenish our wallet exchange, just click “Deposit” next to ETH and sign the transaction to confirm the transfer of test tokens.

🔗Assets —

Funds do not come immediately, you have to wait for confirmation of all blocks of the network.

Once we have funded we can use the bidding section. I like to use “Limit”, thanks to it you can put your order to buy cryptocurrency, for example if I make the price below the market price then when the currency falls in price my order will trigger and the currency will be bought.



Телеграмм канал —

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